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Review: Evil Come, Evil Go-Go

Posted by mabjustmab | Posted in burlesque, palace, reviews | Posted on 23-06-2008


Review of Evil Come Evil Go-Go
Staring L’il Dutch, Prissy Pistol and Little Darling
hosted by Mr. Deadguy
Clean-up/corpse removal by Gary Gutter

What a great show! I’m really glad I made time for this little gem.

To start off, as I approached the Palace, I saw skeleton cutouts dressed like Vegas showgirls at the door into the Palace. They were a great touch. The folks who decide such things offered discounted admission for anyone in costume – I saw some great outfits in the audience that night. That’s a great idea to get the crowd involved and really helped create the right atmosphere for a successful evening.

The show started off with a group number. Anytime there is more than one performer in a piece, it stands out in my mind. The coordination involved in getting artists to work together garners much respect from me. This piece was no exception. I loved the choreographic tribute to thriller (a staple in any un-dead dance routine).

The show on the whole was well put together, each artist getting their moment to shine. there were some pieces that stood out for me:

L’il Dutch just commands the stage. every one of her pieces look like they are right out of time, From vintage 1950’s to swinging retro 1960’s, which speaks of her attention to detail. I think my favorite piece had to be the mourning widow, complete with the necro ending. I love L’il Dutch’s box. And the goodies she pulls out of it.

Little Darling made my jaw drop. several times. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I was standing right up front, but every time she bent over…my eyes popped like a 3 week old cadaver’s. merow. Great job working the crowd too!

Prissy Pistol‘s “Brain Picnic” really grabbed me. I felt that she had an amazing connection to the song. It was a familiar tune that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, which added to the allure of the piece. I really enjoyed the combination of sensuality, savoring everything, juxtaposed with the horrifying brain goo. (mmmm, goo). this piece is a keeper!

Miss Joule joined the Evil girls, bringing a little fire to the show. I’m not sure if I have seen that particular fire finger piece before, but I really enjoyed. Only, and this comes as a bit of surprise to me, I can’t specifically tell you why. You will just have to catch her next show and see for yourself why this girl is amazing.

Mr. Deadguy was wonderful. This was the first opportunity I had to see him perform, and I had heard great things about him. His costume was impeccable, right down to the spats! Anyone who wears spats is aces in my book.

He managed the MC position pretty well. MC is a challenging role. You have to keep the show rolling, but you can’t just pop out and say “next up, la de da”. You have keep the energy up with tiny mini bits. My favorite mini bit was his pulling a worm out of his skull. It was almost like a tease with how slowly he extracted it. Totally wonderful!

A little while later his buddy, Baby Cheezwits, joined him…wearing a cleaver in his head. Babies with cleavers in their head are funny in and of themselves. Still, what followed was some excellent comedic interaction. The timing was (to quote an audience member) “tight”. I have found a new found love for ventriloquists. I want to see more bits from them!

As a performer myself, I love to eavesdrop on the audience to hear their completely candid opinions of a show. I am happy to share that every thing I heard was pegged in the positive.

Great job folks!
An excellent treat with delightful tricks!


Photos by Derik Moore (brutally lifted from their myspace pages)

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