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Review of DR. SKETCHY’S

Posted by mabjustmab | Posted in burlesque, palace, reviews | Posted on 18-08-2008


EVENT: Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Show
DATE & TIME: Sunday, Aug. 17th
LOCATION: Palace of Wonders
COST: $5
DETAILS: Revival of the Dr. Sketchy’s series

Last night Sugar Ann Spice and I performed in the revival of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Show … and it was a revival in more than one sense. The new MC of the latest iteration of the DC franchise is the “Reverend Loveseat” – aka Jared Davis/Art by Jared/former Lobsterboy Revue scene & set master and artist of the Al portrait over the Palace stage. The Reverend is everything you’d imagine he’d be … slimy, donning a bad suit, gray pompadour, too much flashy bling for a man of the cloth and loves to read horribly bad “groaner” jokes from back issues of Playboy to his congregation.

For those who have never attended or who are not familiar with this series of shows, it’s a combination of a mini-burlesque show followed by timed poses by performers in costume for live model sketching to be done by artists in attendance as audience members. This series was started in NY (of course) by Molly Crabapple and has since had franchises pop up in major cities across the country always using performers as models. Here in DC we have had both burlesque and sideshow performers (namely, our own Mab) participate.

As a performer – and particularly burlesque, it was imperative for me to remind myself this was not a “typical” burlesque show nor audience in most cases, however genuinely appreciative. The performances were well-received and posing commenced quickly after their conclusions. I also found myself challenged for coming up with interesting poses for the artists – holding yourself in a contoured (i.e. sometimes contorted) pose for up to 12 minutes at a time. This experience made me think about body form, angles and stage position dramatically more than I ever have before. I believe this will come into play during my future acts.

The Reverend led a successful “sermon” overall and put much effort into a balanced line-up, provided interesting props for posing and engaged the artistic audience as best he could while they concentrated on their work. The show finale was a game of Twister between Sugar Ann Spice and me – each Twister pose was held for a brief amount of time to allow for quick sketches by the audience … I lost, by the way – I sense a theme developing here, for those of you who have also seen our Lucha match. Tube socks and a plastic mat don’t mix together as well as I’d hoped.

Let’s hope the good Reverend decides to bring back his revival of this Sunday service to the Palace … even if once in a blue moon. I for one know I’ll be back next time, but as an artist … er … member of the congregation. Hallelujah Reverend and thanks for having us to your pulpit.


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