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Do you teach classes in the Variety Arts?

I was recently asked where in DC someone could learn the basics of burlesque. I realized that would be good info to collect in one place. That’s part of what this blog is about! So, if you teach burlesque (or any variety art!) and are near the DC/Baltimore Metro area either message me or post a...

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2/7/2012 – Washington DC Comedy Writers Group 1st Year Anniversary @Riot ACT Comedy Theater

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The Washington DC Comedy Writers Group will celebrate lasting 1 year!  Riot Act Comedy Theater has graciously allowed us to take over their usual open mic night and instead have a showcase of the weird and wonderful from the DC comedy community.

7:30 PM Cocktails and and Tarot Reading by Madame Olga:Comic Psychic.
8:00 show
10:00 Pinata-Yes, I said Pinata. Not going to tell you what’s in it yet


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