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We are an open mic!

UPDATE! With the closing of the Palace, we have been diligently scouting new venues to support a Variety open mic.  Until we find a space that is a perfect fit, the regular show is on hold. But feel free to fill out the sign-up form and we will send out an email as soon as it’s up and running! Thank...

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Add your event!

Posted by mabjustmab | Posted in blog biz, featured | Posted on 28-12-2011


One of my December work projects was focused on refining DCVariety.  In the interest of keeping up with all the amazing things that happening in DC, I have created a way for you, the actual event promoter, to post your event on the DCVariety website! I was having a hard time keeping up with all the stuff everyone was doing, so I am cutting out the middle slow-poke man (me).

It’s EASY!
1. go here -> http://www.dcvariety.com/submit-your-event/
2. fill out the form & upload the flier image
3. All events will be reviewed, and posted within a day or two.

DONE! More press! Everybody wins!

I’m also looking for reviews! So if you see a lot of shows, and saw something you really liked, fill out the form!

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. We are always growing and learning.

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