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Meet the Variety: Spinnabel Lee, Fire Artist

Posted by Chè Monique | Posted in fire, Meet the Variety, reviews | Posted on 09-03-2015


Introducing a new series here at DCVariety.com! Meet the Variety! This week, an article submitted by Chè Monique.

by Chè Monique

Victoriana1.SpinnabelLeeI first met Spinnabel Lee, when I hired her to perform at one of my Halloween parties. She dazzled my friends with a show that consisted of spinning fire poi, dancing with fire fans and fire hooping. I believe Spinnabel is the first person I’ve ever seen wriggle her body in and out a hoop set ablaze. Though I have many friends in the creative a performing arts, I could tell that for many of my friends this was their first time witnessing a show like this. They were absolutely captivated.

Spinnabel has achieved the dream, she is self employed full time doing the work she loves. Spinnabel Lee is a fire dancer and hooper and enjoys taking hip hop dance classes. In fact even though I said she’s living ‘the dream’, Spinnabel’s dream would be to be in a rap video, or even better go on tour with Beyoncè. Spinnabel is a DC variety artist that kind of exists on the fringes of the variety scene.Most of Spinnabel’s performance work is private events, like my Halloween party, weddings, and corporate events. Spinnabel also teaches hoop dance classes and helps organize the FLAME Festival outside of Atlanta.

Spinnabel Lee Fire FansSpinnabel fell in love with fire dance after being mesmerised by a performance she saw at a party in Guatemala. After failed attempts at self instruction, she found a friend to teach her the basics and Spinnabel Lee was born. Over her years of performance, Spinnabel has had quite a few snafus from wardrobe malfunctions to dropping her props and of course numerous burns. From her perspective the possibility of things going wrong, potentially dangerously wrong is what makes live performance so thrilling.

I’m really glad I decided to reconnect with Spinnabel, I was reminded of her blog which I’ve perused occasionally. It is a really great resource. I think there is content in it that everyone will find useful. Spinnabel posts lots of great business tips for performers and entertainers as well good solid life advice. More information about Spinnabel including booking information, her calendar and the incredibly informative blog can be found at www.spinnabellee.com.


che-moniqueChè Monique produces Chocolate City Burlesque and Cabaret and is a Jill of many trades. Learn more about Chè at www.chemonique.com and Chocolate City Burlesque and Cabaret at www.chocolatecityburlesque.com .


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