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Meet The Variety: Mindi Mimosa, DC’s Favorite Cocktail

Posted by Chè Monique | Posted in blog biz, burlesque, comedy, Meet the Variety | Posted on 14-07-2015


After seeing her host four of the past five burlesque shows I’ve been to, I knew I had to speak with Mindi Mimosa. I know Mindi through the DC Gurly Show, which we are both part of. I remember when she first started performing and it’s been a treat to watch her grow into not just a phenomenal performer, or in demand emcee, but also a producer of consistently sold out shows. Mindi got into hosting because she saw a need in the community and put herself out there to fill it. She is thrilled to be respected and consistently requested in that role.

Mindi stumbled into the burlesque scene with a heavy theater background including a theatre degree andmindi 1 two years of professional theater experience. She was given her name by a fabulous group of drunken strangers. Like many new performers, Mindi dived in head first, getting involved in as much as she could and quickly burned herself. Before long she began to contemplate leaving burlesque.

Fortunately for us, as Mindi began to wear weary of burlesque, she decided to try out comedy. She met David Coulter at an open mic and in less than three months the two began producing Barenaked Comedy at the Pinch. Barenaked Comedy is a monthly, fourth Friday show, consisting of four burlesque performers and four comedians, alternating burlesque and comedy. Mindi is responsible for booking and handling the burlesque talent and David is responsible for the comedians. Barenaked Comedy has been wildly successful and sold out its first 14 months of shows. I went to my first Barenaked Comedy show last month, as a performer and I had an amazing time and met fabulous people. There were moments where we, the burlesque performers, were afraid our laughter back stage was obnoxiously loud. I think that’s a pretty good problem to have.

Mindi is really enjoying her latest roles of producer and emcee. She views herself as a “producer-performer”. Yes she performs, but the production side of things is what really drives her. Because of her years of backstage theater experience, Mindi’s shows are very well organized which is something she prides herself on. Mindi produces, hosts and performs in her own Barenaked Comedy shows, which in and of itself requires quite a bit of organization. She is the face of the Barenaked Comedy brand. Mindi Mimosa is committed to bringing a bubbly positivity to her audiences and works hard to ensure that Barenaked Comedy is always a safe and welcoming space for everyone. It’s very Mindi 2important to Mindi that everyone leave her shows feeling special, which is one of the reason’s you’ll often hear her telling the audience, “You’re beautiful. You’re all beautiful.”

Mindi’s dream for herself and Barenaked Comedy is to turn it into a nonprofit foundation that will be able to assist burlesque performers and comedians with the things they need to get started, whether it’s costuming, training, venues or anything else. It is her hope that performers put as much energy into the business of burlesque as they do the performance of it. She hopes to position herself as a leader in the local scene and be able to support as many people as possible in their performance careers. From what I observed she’s well on her way.

In summation: Don’t let her bubbly personality and cocktail name fool you. Mindi Mimosa is as sharp and organized a businesswoman as she is a sexy and enticing performer. You can find Mindi Mimosa and Barenaked Comedy every fourth Friday at the Pinch. You can also find them at this year’s Capital Fringe Festival. Their remaining Fringe dates are 7/17, 7/18, 7/19, 7/24 at the Trinidad Theatre in the Logan Fringe Arts Space.

Tickets available https://www.capitalfringe.org/events/622-barenaked-comedy


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