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DCVariety November Open Mic!

PSA: CALLING ALL VARIETY ARTISTS! I’ve been working with some amazing folks to keep DC’s ONLY Variety open mic going. We had to skip October, but we are back in November. and I want to come back stronger than ever! This month I’m gonna focus hard on the more traditional variety arts,...

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Meet the Variety: Hot Todd Lincoln, MC

Posted by Jules V Moorhead | Posted in Meet the Variety, reviews, sideshow | Posted on 31-03-2015


HotToddLincolnI first saw Hot Todd Lincoln on stage at a Twisted Knickers show in the Yellow Sign Theater in Baltimore, the city he calls home. I wouldn’t formally meet him until a year or two later when he accidentally molested my knee at Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey‘s annual Holiday Spectacuthon, but I digress. Hot Todd’s MC style is pun­filled and banter­heavy. He likes to make a connection with his audience. Over the years, as he’s added sideshow acts to his sets, you can feel that same sense of connection in his performances.

For Hot Todd, being an MC is an extension of who he is offstage. “I tend to be very outgoing, and really like being a part of a community. The role certainly plays to my strengths of being quick on my feet and very convivial. I tend to be fast with puns and snappy comebacks, and I truly enjoy the feeling that comes with connecting with an audience.”

But with great power comes great responsibility, and Hot Todd wasn’t satisfied with simply delivering a well­timed zinger. “As I continued to host shows, I realized that being an MC gives me unique opportunities to do more. Once you connect with an audience, you can say something really important.” Hot Todd has used his time on the mic to promote marriage equality, equal rights, body positivity and the sexiness of consent. “I want to create a space in which everyone is having a good time and feels safe and welcome.”

He cites MCs and performers such as Swami YoMahmi, Mab Just Mab, Paco Fish, Professor Sprocket and Harley Newman as some of his biggest influences, among many others like Miss Astrid, Bradford Scobie, Bastard Keith, Scotty the Blue Bunny, Magnolia Jackson Pickett Burnside, Ben Wisdom, World Famous Bob, Doc Wasabassco, Murray Hill and Armitage Shanks. “Everyone I’ve mentioned comes to the mic with wildly different perspectives, and really connects with their audiences from a very personal place.”

In addition to his skills as an MC, Hot Todd also does classic sideshow acts like the bed of nails and routines such as a fun, audience-­participatory straight jacket escape number. “While being an MC is fantastic, I wanted to explore what I could do on the performance side of the equation. I’m no dancer, so initially, sideshow seemed a better fit. Once I started, I became captivated by the physicality and honesty of sideshow. There’s no illusion to sideshow. What you see, is really what’s happening. Bed of Nails? Real nails. Walking on glass? Real glass. Eating fire? Yep…real fire. I am also realizing the benefits of performing and practicing sideshow on and off stage as I’m pushing myself beyond my own fears.”

As if hosting and performing wasn’t enough, Hot Todd co­produces a monthly show with Chérie Nuit as Hot Night Productions at the Bier Baron in Washington, D.C. As someone who lives and hosts in Baltimore while producing and performing in D.C., Hot Todd straddles the burlesque scene in two different cities to an extent few others do. When asked to compare and contrast the two, he replied, “One immediate difference is that there aren’t really any ‘troupes’ based in DC, with the exception of the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow. There are a lot of production teams: Hot Night Productions, Valentine Candy Burlesque, The Weirdo Show, Atomic Doll Productions, etc. This creates flexibility in casting and adapting to venues and performer schedules. In Baltimore, there are both. Twisted Knickers and TimelessTease Productions have adopted the small core with a lot of guest performers model, whereas troupes like Gilded Lily Burlesque and Bawdy Shop Burlesque are doing well with larger core casts and fewer guest stars. Both scenes have a wide pool of talent to draw from and are generally very supportive of each other with a good amount of overlap. Another difference is that the some of the Baltimore groups are doing more scripted shows and bigger productions.”

As to what it’s like being in both scenes, “It’s pretty great in that I work with really good people in both cities, on both sides of the curtain.”

Jules V Moorhead co­produces TimelessTease Productions in Baltimore. Find Jules and TimelessTease Productions on Facebook.

[Photo credit: Josh Aterovis]

DCVariety November Open Mic!

Posted by mabjustmab | Posted in burlesque, circus, comedy, events, featured, juggling, magic, music, open mic, palace, puppets, sideshow, spoken word | Posted on 12-10-2012


DCVariety Open Mic Night @ the Red PalacePSA: CALLING ALL VARIETY ARTISTS!
I’ve been working with some amazing folks to keep DC’s ONLY Variety open mic going. We had to skip October, but we are back in November. and I want to come back stronger than ever!

This month I’m gonna focus hard on the more traditional variety arts, meaning: Magic, Burlesque, Sideshow, and a juggler if I can find one willing to work at the palace. acrobats and hoopers, some bellydance, and I would love a variety music act too! I’ll even take some clowns!

Let me know if you or anyone you know anyone who would be interested in performing! and spread the word!

This is a great opportunity to try out new material, get some video on the Palace stage, meet other performers in the area, and if you haven’t ever been to the Palace before, be seen by them!

Let’s keep new blood in the variety arts! Let’s keep the community growing stronger than ever!

Sign up here: http://www.dcvariety.com/sign-up-to-perform-at-a-dcvariety-show/

Burlesque & Variety New Year’s Eve Blowout Bash at the Red Palace

Posted by mabjustmab | Posted in burlesque, circus, comedy, events, palace, sideshow | Posted on 16-12-2011


Ball Drop @ the Red Palace

The Dr.’s Orders Productions Presents:


Burlesque & Variety New Year’s Eve Blowout Bash at the Red Palace

Red Palace, 1212 H Street NE, Washington DC
Saturday, December 31, 2011
Doors at 8 pm
Shows at 9, 10, & 11
Ball Drop at midnight
Dance Party until closing!

$30 (adv. @ www.redpalacedc.com)/$40 (door)

Step right up, Ladies & Gentlemen, for a New Year’s Eve spectacular at the only vaudeville stage, oddity museum, and full bar in the world! BALL DROP features bodacious burlesque babes, death-defying novelty acts, twisted sideshow oddities, quirky musical surprises, go-go dancing, and an all-night dance party! After a sold out 2010, 2011’s second annual BALL DROP at the Red Palace is bigger and brighter, starring talent from around the country, local favorites, and you!

All the way from San Francisco, our Master of Ceremonies for the evening’s debauchery is none other than the world famous Scotty the Blue Bunny! Starring “burlesque expert” (NY1 & Big Think), Dr. Lucky (NYC); the criminally cute burlesque beauty, Lil’ Steph (Philadelphia); award-winning pop sensation Pop (NYC) of Gigi & Pop on ukulele; circus artistry from Miss Joule (DC) of Tilted Torch; amazing sideshow thrills from Mab Just Mab (DC) of the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow; and neo-burlesque and variety fun from Paco Fish and Marla Meringue (Baltimore) of Sticky Buns Burlesque. With New York City’s “Best Dressed DJ,” DJ Momotaro, spinning the party tunes all night long.

Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/325350950812763/
Producer: www.doctorofburlesque.com
Venue: http://redpalacedc.com
Scotty the Blue Bunny: www.scottybunny.com
Gigi & Pop: www.gigiandpop.com
Dr. Lucky: www.doctorofburleque.com
Miss Joule: www.missjoule.com
Mab Just Mab: www.mabjustmab.com
Li’ Steph: www.lilsteph.com
Paco Fish: www.pacofish.net
Marla Meringue: www.marlaparker.com

  • Doors @ 8pm
  • 21+


  • $30/advance
  • $40/day of show


* * * Images & Interviews Available Upon Request. Contact: Lynn Sally: 917-204-7566 or doctorofburlesque@yahoo.com * * *

June DCVariety Show @ the Red Palace

Posted by mabjustmab | Posted in comedy, events, music, palace, sideshow | Posted on 12-06-2011


They couldn’t keep us away! Back again! This month’s DCVariety brings back veteran favorites and new comers!

Sideshow by Kellan Backagain!
Face-melting uke and accordion rock by UkeCordionPocalypse
Original and Brilliant cabaret songs by Eva Brontosaurus (2/3rds)
Mind bending magic by David London
& more!

we are adding more acts, so stay tuned!
remember, Variety is the spice of life!
and the spice must flow!

Pastie-Aid Details

Posted by mabjustmab | Posted in bellydance, burlesque, circus, comedy, events, palace, sideshow | Posted on 30-03-2011



CONTACT: Chris Griffin
Cell: 323-788-8970

Putting the “fun” in emergency relief fund

Whether you’re twirling a tassel, juggling fire or snapping a mousetrap on your tongue it’s good to know you’ve got insurance. Recently DC’s own sideshow girl, Mab, just Mab found out the hard way when, while on tour, she chipped a tooth (not in a professional capacity). She ended up having to use rent money to pay for emergency dental work. While she was able to recover, she realized many of the local burlesque, vaudeville and variety communities are uninsured and working part-time jobs and may not be so lucky. So with the help of Hope Operas founder Chris Griffin she decided to create Pastie-AID, an emergency fund for local variety, vaudeville and burlesque performers. There will be a benefit performance and auction on April 15th at the Red Palace to kick-start the Fund.

This will truly be a variety show with all bases covered with sideshow performances by Mab, just Mab and Swami YoMahmi, musical comedy from Eva Brontosaurus and UkeCordionPocalypse, burlesque from Shortstaxx, Spanky Roundbottom and Wham Bam Pam, boylesquers Paco Fish and Tony Apollo, and variety acts from Malibu, Moira Lee, Clovis and Miss Joule. The evening will be hosted by Mab, just Mab and alt. dragster Lucrezia Blozia.

Auction items including artwork by local art stars Scott Brooks, Jared Davis, Todd Gardner and Steve Strawn, a photo session with Stereo Vision Photography (known for their glamor portraits of local burlesque beauties), signed copies of James Taylor’s sideshow book “Shocked and Amazed”, a belly dancing lesson by Belladonna, an accordion lesson from UkeCordionPocalypse’s Baska D’Joy and one of Malibu, Mistress of Fire’s signature tiny top hats. Other auction items and performers may be added between now and the show.

PASTIE-AID, a benefit for local uninsured variety performers, Friday, April 15th at the Red Palace, 1210 H Street, N.E. Doors 9:00PM, Show 10:00PM. Admission is $10.00. For more information contact Chris Griffin at lucrezia.blozia@gmail.com.

Pickpockets & Loose Women

Posted by mabjustmab | Posted in burlesque, comedy, events, fire, magic, music, sideshow | Posted on 10-08-2010


Fun Fact: I have the best job ever!

I get to bring awesome new stuff that folks haven’t had the chance to see at the Palace before.   And while I say this nearly every month, the folks who make it out to DCVariety know I speak the truth.  This month’s show is gonna be AMAZING!

DCVariety has become a little hidden weeknight treat of a gem of new and spectacular entertainment that you don’t get to see on the weekends.

Come enjoy an evening of outrageous comedy, amazing magic, variety acts and naughty but nice burlesque with a turn-of-the-century medicine show theme at DC’s own “Palace of Wonders.”

Richmond’s own “Pickpockets and Loose Women” will be starring as part of the DCVariety Showcase and doing teasers of our full evening show.

– Enjoy Doc Hezekiah Volz (world champion magician Larry Volz) as the slick snake oil selling sleight of h…and scoundrel as he levitates, ruminates, cogitates and illuminates you with his priceless gems of wisdom… as he lops off his own bloody arm for your entertainment pleasure.

– Wipe off your glasses for an eye full of the gorgeous and delightful Miss Di Wreckshun (film and television actress Heather Bailey) as she performs her scandelous, sexy and sometimes surprisingly funny fan dance.

– Marvel at the fabulous Miss Bea Havin (belly dance star Khalima) as she mesmerizes you with her exotic Egyptian belly dance to a hilarious and original song written just for her by (in part) Groucho Marx himself!

– Fresh from her Capital Tassels and Tease show, DD Cupcakes — the Bon Bon Bomshell that has been giving DC a sweet tooth! Made of sugar and spice (and everything nice) her humorous routines and double D personality are sure to excite and leave you wanting seconds.”

– And a special added bonus Surprise! that we set on fire for you!

– Hosted by DC’s own brilliant and talented Mab Just Mab!

And because you love seeing Mab suffer, back again is everyone’s favorite spot of mid-show entertainment: “Make Mab Laugh
Do you think you have what it takes to make the Mistress of Misery, the Princess of Pain, the Jaded and Bitter Glasswalking Sideshow Girl, Mab, Just Mab crack a smile?
Try your luck, and your best material!
(And before you even think about, she’s not ticklish.)
Super-Fabulous-Amazing-Wondrous Prizes awarded to the winner!

Bring your funny bone but keep your hand on your wallet because… well… you DID read the name of the show right?…

Palace of Wonders
1210 H. Street, NE
Washington DC
Tickets $10

DCVariety @ the Palace of Wonders

Posted by mabjustmab | Posted in burlesque, events, fire, palace, sideshow | Posted on 17-04-2010


Hi True Fans!

Mab, Just Mab here, excited as heck! This summer is kicking off some fabulous new adventures! After a few test runs, I’m getting the ball rolling on a new collective called DCVariety. DCVariety is all about celebrating the Variety Arts in the Nation’s capital, bringing performers together, sharing resources, ideas, tips and gigs.

My personal goal to help bring out more Variety acts to the District (and beyond!). To that end, I’ve been working with the (stunning and amazing) L’il Dutch to produce a monthly event at the Palace of Wonders. I’ve searched the District to find the best you’ve never seen! Every month we bring you new and unusual acts that wonder and amaze!

Sexy and Sassy, Crude and Classy.

This Month!

Ditch Higgens
When I asked up and coming local sideshow aficionado Ditch Higgens what made his Sideshow stand out, he told me “My act made a whole table get up and leave once”. I hired him on the spot.

Stella Sweet
Burlesque’s Good Girl, except when she’s not, Miss Stella Sweet comes to us all the way from the Aloha State, where she performed with the Cherry Blossom Cabaret. Stella brings the class and titillation of old school burlesque back to the DC stage. This curvaceous cutie exemplifies the art of the tease. Performing in her second show here at the Palace of Wonders, please welcome Miss Stella Sweet!

Spanky Roundbottom
Maryland’s special Slaphappy Sexpot, Spanky Roundbottom!
Hailing from the Carolinas originally, Spanky will be dishing up a heapin’ helpin’ of southern hospitality mixed with mid-Atlantic spunk in a burlesque performance that will make your jeans feel tight!

Red Raven
Death-defying, daring fire dancer, Red Raven, will leave you in awe as she wields Flaring Fans and Sizzling Swords of FLAME!

Special halftime games!

Starting this month, we have a brand new spot of mid-show entertainment: “Make Mab Laugh”
Do you think you have what it takes to make the Mistress of Misery, the Princess of Pain, the Jaded and Bitter Glasswalking Sideshow Girl, Mab, Just Mab crack a smile?
Try your luck, and your best material!
(And before you even think about, she’s not ticklish.)
Super-Fabulous-Amazing-Wondrous Prizes awarded to the winner!

When is all this happening?
Thursday, April 29, 2010
for only $10!!! (wow! what a bargain!)
only at the Palace of Wonders
1210 H. St. NE
Washington DC 20002

Let DC know you love Variety Performers! Support the arts! and I’ll See you at the Palace!

Emerging Variety Artists?

Posted by mabjustmab | Posted in bellydance, blog biz, burlesque, circus, comedy, drumming, events, fire, juggling, magic, open mic, palace, puppets, sideshow, spoken word, Venues | Posted on 12-01-2010


I have been toying with the idea of starting a “New Artist Showcase” @ the Palace for a while now. I want to give performers who don’t know where to start a chance to show their stuff.

I have a few variety artists in mind, but I’m always on the look out for more. any suggestions?

any genera. jugglers, fire artists, dancers, burlesque, sideshow, circus, magic, comedy, etc.

also included are solo/duo variety musicians although I’m going to try to stay away from huge bands as there won’t be room for them on the stage, they take longer to set up, and there are already many venues for regular bands.

drop me an email if you are interested and please pass this on!
mab (at mabjustmab.com)

Bizzaro Cheeky Monkeys!

Posted by mabjustmab | Posted in events, palace, sideshow | Posted on 08-10-2008


EVENT:The Cheeky Monkey Sideshow Bizarro Show!
DATE & TIME: Friday, October 10th 10pm
LOCATION:Palace of Wonders

1210 H St., NE
Washington, DC

COST:$10 in costume

$12 without costume


Where anything could happen.
Friday, October 10th, we’re gonna mix things up, and no one knows what acts you will see, not even us–the Cheeky Monkeys are going to randomly draw acts out of hat, and whatever they pick, they have to perform!
Mab Just Mab does magic? Swami Yomahmi, mistress of the flame? Burlesque by Mr. Eon? Who knows?
But wait, there’s more! We’re also having a COSTUME CONTEST!
Come dressed in your best bizarr-ary and get $2 off your admission. Plus, the top three costumes will win FUN AND VALUABLE PRIZES!
This is the one you don’t wanna miss! Costumes! Comedy! Calamity(?)
And a surprise guest you have to see to believe. . .
Palace of Wonders
1210 H St., NE
Washington, DC
October 10th
Show starts at 10pm
$10 in costume
$12 without costume

Vixen Variety

Posted by mabjustmab | Posted in bellydance, burlesque, comedy, events, fire, palace, sideshow | Posted on 06-10-2008


EVENT: Vixen Variety
DATE & TIME: Thursday October 9, 2008
LOCATION: The Palace of Wonders
1210 H ST. NE Washington DC 20002
COST: $10
Vixen Variety is an exciting new all female variety show!
More then just a feast for the eyes this show will knock your socks off!
These clever, sly and scandalous women will woo you with their willfulness and wiles!
You don’t want to miss the fun as these foxy females flaunt their finesse and show off their skills in a hodgepodge of heroines!
A new medley of talent each month!
So come one, come all to the foxy & fabulous Vixen Variety Show!

THIS MONTH! Mab (me) will be bringing out her new comedy fire eating routine! All Funny! All the Time! Even while on FIRE!

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